How do you empower a family to break the cycle of poverty?

A cycle which keeps them and future generations on the sidelines of society. Oppressed and hopeless.

With a vision for a future no better than the present or past.

Dedicating a scholarship through the Achotenu program is a fitting tribute to our daughter Shoshana Yaffa Kirschenbaum (Shani). Israel, art and nursing were her passions. She attended Stern College and Columbia University to obtain her R.N. degree. She worked at St. Francis as a surgical ICU nurse, then continued her studies to become a nurse anesthetist. Shani worked very hard to deeply understand everything she learned. She excelled in her chosen profession, winning a national award. She was an extremely compassionate nurse who touched many people deeply. We hope her dedication and passion will inspire others. She passed away on 24 Nisan 5775 (2015).

We began with the Gush Katif families. By creating a myriad of innovative, hands-on employment-centered programs

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In recent years, we began helping other marginalized sectors — young Ethiopian-Israeli adults, at risk teens and young adults, impoverished soldiers — suffering from unemployment and under-employment.

We enable these people to become financially independent.

And, as such we improve their and their family’s future opportunities.

We invite you to learn about our multi-fold, innovative programs.

Comprehensive support services for discharged lone soldiers
Revolutionary nursing program for young Ethiopian adults
Unique employment programs for impoverished IDF soldiers
Program for high risk youth
A unique employment-based mentoring program
A unique employment-based mentoring program


By Mail: For U.S. Tax-Deductible Contributions by mail: “The Central Fund of Israel” ( to earmark donation for a specific project write the name of the project in memo line, otherwise write JobKatif) Mail to: Beth White, 65 Argyll Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804

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-Make checks payable to: JobKatif Mail to: JobKatif POB 214 Alon Shvut 9043300
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To make a credit card donation in Israel, please contact our office at 02-580-0070 during business hours.

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Bank Transfers: Account Name: Bnei Akiva Friends of Israel Bank: Nedbank Account Number: 101-365-3777 Branch: Diamond Exchange 193205

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